We are planning a litter for winter 2020 out of

RLD N RLD F BH Ag1 Kalote’s Black Pearl DNA-VP GS-O JS-N RS-N RNX (WTCH JJ Lotte DNA-VP x KORAD LD Startklass RLD N RLD F Black Zone’s Hiawatha of Iroquois ATDsd)


MH Hardins What’s The Rush DNA-CP OTDcs STDd (Buccaneer Lafites Loot DNA-VP x WTCH Slash V Turn On The Charm DNA-VP).

Rush is imported from the USA and comes from the well-known kennel Hardins. He lives with Carina and Govert in Sweden, who also bred Nelly. We are following Rush since his arrival in Sweden over the internet and were finally able to meet him in reality in summer 2019. Rush is an uncomplicated dog who welcomes unknown dogs and people even in his home. Carina is herding sheep, ducks and cattle regularly and they have already achieved several ASCA titles together. Rush has also taken a tracking exam with obedience. During our visit, Nelly was directly very fond of Rush and played extensively with him. This strengthens our decision for this mating as the “chemistry” between the dogs has to be good!



You can find more information about Nelly on her page (and additional pictures and videos in the blog) 🙂

We expect bright, fast and slender puppies with a strong potential both for herding and dog sports. The puppies will be genetically free of HC (HSF4)CEA (NHEJ1), and PRA-PRCD. They will be free or carriers of CMR1, DM (SOD1) and MDR1. The COI (coefficient of inbreeding, calculated on 10 generations) is 2.76%.

If you are interested in a puppy or have any questions, please write us.