We live in a small village in the north of France, close to Lille and the Belgian border. We breed Australian Shepherds of working lines with versatile abilities that love to work. We strive for our Aussies to be especially suited for active participation in different dog sports and for working with livestock. Our dogs are very attached to the family and preferably spend the evening after a long day of training or work with their people on the sofa.

About us:

We both loved dogs from a very early age and bought our first dog on our own initiative. Nils saved his pocketmoney so long until he could buy a Saluki (racing dog). These slim and fast animals have been in his family since his seventh birthday. Nora “always” wanted to have a dog, but could fulfill her dream not until a puppy ran after her during her high school year in the USA. Her parents were flooded with pictures of this Husky-German shepherd crossbreed Anna and finally agreed to let her come to Germany. They got so close, that Nora was not “allowed” to take Anna with when she moved out. Nora’s host parents in the USA also had two Australian Shepherds where she learned a lot about this wonderful breed. When we decided to get a dog, we quickly came to the conclusion that an Aussie would fit very well into our lifestyle. Nora liked to do dog sport (especially agility) with Anna and wanted to continue this. The new dog should also like to come with us during hiking -, biking -, canoeing trips, a visit to a town, a café, or with public transport. After studying many kennels and pedigrees, we found a small family kennel northeast of Göteborg who breed Aussies from working lines.  Nelly came June 2013 into our lives.


It took us quite some time to come up with a kennel name that we were happy with. We wanted a name that expressed the most important characteristics of the Aussie breed; intelligence and will to work. We also preferred the name to be in English, as the Aussie comes from the US and we have many international friends. We were inspired by the kennel “Hangin Tree” from which Nelly has several ancestors. Our kennel name “Workin’ Mind” has a double meaning as either spelled out “working mind”, or if you separate the words “work in mind”. In case you are searching for a kennel name and want to increase your chances that it is accepted by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), you can check here, if already similar names exist.