With temperatures over 35 °C, neither the humans nor the dogs feel like long walks or extensive training. Therefore, I found some time to update the homepage.

You might have seen, that I created a new category in the menu. Since more than one year, we have dwarf chicken. A few weeks ago, we added five new Alsace chicks to the flock. And just very recently, we bought six Indian runner ducks. They are only one month yet, so we still have to wait until they are old enough to be herd. Until then, they are very happy about some kitchen scraps and help us in the garden by eating slugs.

Last weekend, Nelly and I participated at a FCI agility competition. We had some very nice runs with good rankings (2x second place and 1x first place), but unfortunately always one small mistake. In the first run, I did some weird movement, not Nelly’s fault at all 😛 In all runs, we were by far the fastest. We reached 5.8 m/s in the jumping  🙂

Here you can see for yourself.