We had not trained agility since Christmas due to our moving, then bad weather and after that Covid. But finally yesterday, I rented the agility hall from Village Canin for a training session with Nelly and Nida. Unfortunately, it is quite far away but we decided to start training there regularly anyway. The equipment was in a good shape and the rubber floor was soft and flat. I think we will really enjoy having good light, dry ground and a roof during the winter months. 🙂

I was very impressed by Nelly and especially Nida as they didn’t seem to have forgotten anything. Although Nida only learned the see-saw and slalom shortly before Christmas, she still remembered both. Unfortunately, we don’t have a video from the see-saw as Nils helped us in the beginning and then he was too slow starting the recording, or Nida and I started too soon 😉 We will show it next time!

Especially for people used to FCI agility, my handling with Nelly might seem a bit awkward. I’m trying to handle Nelly from far away with only my voice to prepare her for the gambler at ASCA competitions. Towards the end of the gambler, you need to handle your dog several meters away over a couple of obstacles. This is not always easy, especially with a very fast dog 😛