Three weeks ago, Nida participated in her first military. This is a longer walk, often organized by dog clubs, where your dog and you do some exercises together. Nida was very motivated and we had a lot of fun. She reached 172 points of 200 and came onto rank 40 of 80 teams. There was also a small agility course in the goal where she came 21 of 42.

Lately, Nelly and I had some agility competitions. We participated at the selection for the Grand Prix France. Unfortunately, the jumping contained a lot of very straight lines which made it impossible for me to show Nelly the correct course. I’m just too slow, or Nelly too fast, depending on the point of view… Therefore, she took some other obstacles and disqualified us. The agility run was not easy but a very good lines. We had no mistakes and came 2nd of 22 dogs. The overall ranking was though not so good due to the disqualified run in the jumping.

The last two regular competitions were also really good. In Ile Napoleon, we came on rank 1 and 2 of 11 dogs (jumping: 0 faults, standard: 2 faults).
We had a really good day in Erstein and two runs without faults (rank 2 and 3 of each 27 dogs). Unfortunately again in the jumping and the standard, as we need runs without faults in the A2 run to be able to come into the next class 3. Just before the run, a friend told me that the line out of a tunnel looked really strange to her. Nelly must have heard that as she improved the line by taking another jump. 🙂 The courses were demanding but great to run. And Nelly just gave her best 🙂