the puppies moved out, we have slowly started to train agility again. Even if Nelly had a break of several months, she did not forget anything and is as motivated as before.
We have even participated at two competitions, one before Christmas and one last weekend. I went to the one before Christmas on my own, so unfortunately, I do not have a video of it. We had some really nice runs, and one even without a mistake 🙂
Last weekend, we had another competition. It was also a nice run, but Nelly unfortunately missed the last pole of the slalom. But we came second place and were two times as fast as the first place, even if we had to repeat the slalom! :O
As I had some company who could take a video, you can see the competition.

Nida has also started with some pre agility (tunnels and bars on the ground). She is highly motivated and also very, very fast.

I guess I have to improve my running skills to be able to better show them the course 😛