the end of August and beginning of September, Nelly and I competed at ASCA agility and rally trials.

In Weilheim, Germany, we had some very nice agility runs. Especially considering that we only had 2x 30 min training since Christmas and the ground was really wet towards the end.
Nelly has completed her GS-E, RS-O and RS-E titles. And one Q for the JS-O 🙂
We were really happy to participate, meet familiar and new faces, had so much fun and are anxiously looking forward to the next trial!
Here is a picture of all her ribbons and some videos.

The weekend after, we started at an ASCA rally trial in Viersen. Nelly was very motivated and did a perfect run on Saturday. Unfortunately, I was a little bit confused and turned in the wrong direction one time. But we still made the first place (winning the class) and received a Q. On Sunday, we started a second time and “only” reached second place, but with more points than Saturday and received a X-Q. Nelly has now the title RA (rally advanced).
I wish I could show you a video when I was hanging up the ribbons. She was dancing in front of me, really eager to get her picture taken. They understand so much more than we think 🙂