Nelly is getting bigger and lazier; most probably also due to the heat wave we are having right now. Therefore, she likes to cool down in her new pool 🙂

Or she is lying in our garden.

Or in her whelping box.

It is difficult to see on the picture that her belly is enormous. You can see that she still had a waist on day 49, which is completely gone on day 58. Alltogether, she has gained 4.5 kg and 21 cm at the waist. Now, you can really feel the puppies moving.  How many will it be? Which colors do they have? How many females and males? Soon, we will have answers to our questions 🙂

Last week we bought 110 kg of meat for Nelly. Now we are well equppied for Nelly’s huge hunger (and soon even the one of the puppies).