Since all puppies have moved to their new homes now, we finally found some time to update the homepage. First a picture of mama Nelly with fall colors 🙂

Orenda (called Kie) was picked up by her new owner Linda last weekend and is now living close to Örnsköldsvik in Sweden, where also Henrik, Kies aunt Feng, her half brother Kaiju and her Grandfather Jin, the more distantly related Athos and four cats (not at all related to Kie) all live on a wonderful farm. Linda and Feng are working at a diary farm with 600 cows where also Kie will help out when she gets older. She is already looking forward to her new task and it will be a perfect life for this small confident girl. 🙂

Ohiteka (called Wyatt) has moved to Kerstin and Ruud in Gouda, Netherlands, where also the Aussies Juicy (13) and Nuran (11) live. Nuran’s father is very closely related to Nelly’s mother. We had the pleasure to meet both Nuran and Juicy and could see a lot of similarities between them. 🙂 Smart Wyatt will later be competing in agility and obedience as well as do herding.

Ohiyesa (called Dante) has moved to Karolina and Oskar who live with the Aussie Newton in Wroclaw, Poland. We also met Newton, who is a very gentle and playful boy that really cares about his “smaller brother”. Newton and Dante have lots of fun playing with each other. Dante will later play and compete in frisbee and will also try herding.

Ogima (called Five) moved already a few weeks ago to live with Bettina, Alejandro and his father, Charlie (and of course cousin Finnick and Baghira) in Vienna, Austria. He will soon be working with ducks and later also sheep and cattle, while also doing some agility and obedience. The cuddly boy loves living in a pack and has already charmed everyone. 😉

Odakota (called Linus) has moved to Annette and Dietmar in Bonn, Germany. He is often participating in the puppy training where he already is a bit of a star, and is also helping out a lot in the household. His later work is not completely decided yet but since he likes new people and kids, he might enjoy something in that direction.

Onida (called Nida) will stay with us. We will compete in agility and do some “THS” and obedience. Nils is also looking forward to do some herding with her. 🙂