This year, we went for a road trip through Germany, Denmark and Sweden for our summer holiday.

A highlight for the dogs was the visit of Nelly’s breeder where both Nida and Nelly were herding. We even met Lotte, Nelly’s mother and Nida’s grandmother, again. She is now already 14 years old, but still in a quite good shape. Nelly resembles her a lot ūüôā

It was of course also a lot of fun to play with Manya (Saluki), Qanuk (Samojed) and Linus (Nida’s brother).

I have read a few books of Per Jensen, a Swedish professor in dog ethology, for example “Hunden som sk√§ms – Myt eller sanning?” (Dogs are ashamed – myth or truth?) and “Hur smart √§r din hund? Praktiska √∂vningar att g√∂ra hemma” (How intelligent is your dog? Practical exercises at home). I also like to listen to his podcast etologinytt (unfortunately in Swedish, although there are sometimes some parts in English).
I am super happy that I got admitted to the course “dog ethology 1” at the university of Link√∂ping this year. I’m excited to gain more knowledge in this area and learn about new research in this field. I think it is very interesting to learn more about the behavior of dogs to each other, to other animals (especially when herding, but also in everyday life) and to humans.
I will write about especially interesting topics in this blog!