studying pedigrees and health data, it attracted my attention that there are sometimes dogs with quite bad hips despite both of their parents having very good hips (A). How can this be? Why are there still dogs with bad hips despite the effort of responsible breeders to only mate dogs with good hips?
I found a very interesting website about this topic. I share the link here as I would like to contribute to increase knowledge about the different influences on the development of hip dysplasia so that this horrible disease can be decreased. Below I am summarizing the information in a short list and invite you to click on the link above to learn more.

  • All puppies are born with perfectly normal hips.
  • The genes that cause hip dysplasia remain a mystery.
  • Environmental factors are very important.
  • Joint laxity is the primary cause of hip dysplasia.
  • Body weight is a MAJOR environmental factor.
  • Exercise is good and bad.
  • Early intervention is critical.