As we received several requests after eggs from friends and collegues, we added five Alsace chicken to our flock. As they were only a few weeks old when we bought them, one could not see if they were male or female. They just started to grow their adult feathers and were kind of ugly 😛 Here is a picture shortly after their arrival.

Several weeks later, they had their adult feathers and it looks like we have three girls (the two darker grey ones and the black one) and two boys )the lighter grey ones). Until now they are all getting along really well. The dwarf chicken and the Alsace chicken are mostly in two different groups. But slowly one of the roosters is tagging along the dwarf chicken. We will see if they still get along when they are adults, otherwise we will need to sell one of the roosters.

Here you can see all three hens.

And the roosters.

In comparison, you can see the two darker hens.