few months ago, Nils started to herd with Nida. We would actually like to have some sheep to be able to train at home, but unfortunately we do not have the space for them right now. Therefore, we decided to buy some Indian runner ducks for now. We bought six ducklings in June 2019 from a friend of my agility trainer. They were only one month old when we got them so we cannot herd them yet. But Indian runner ducks are also known to eat slugs so they are helping out in controling the slug population in our garden. We will start herding with them after they are old enough and have built enough muscles.

Here you can see two videos from our happy Indian runner ducks from May 2020. They are really happy to be able to swim 🙂


Only shortly after those videos, our Indian Runner ducks disappeared (either a fox or they were stolen). Therefore, our ducklings are growing up together with their chicken siblings and a chicken mother. The surrogate mother is happy about so many kids )