N RLD F BH Ag1 Csau Brevet Kalote’s Black Pearl GS-E JS-O RS-O RNX RA DNA-VP

  • Day of birth: 26.04.2013
  • Size: 46-47 cm
  • Weight: 14,5 kg
  • Color: black with very little white (red carrier)
  • Tail: long
  • HD: A
  • ED: 0
  • eye examination: no abnormality detected
  • HC (HSF4): clear (normal/normal)
  • CEA (NHEJ1): clear (normal/normal)
  • CMR1: carrier, not affected (normal/mutiert)
  • DM (SOD1): clear (normal/normal)
  • MDR1: carrier, not affected (normal/mutiert)
  • PRA-PRCD: clear (normal/normal)

Nelly loves to join our activities and especially to run in the fields or forest. We practice different dog sports several times a week and Nelly has a lot of drive in most disciplines. Both Nelly and we like to try new activities. We currently do agility and obedience. We have also competed in rally-obedience and “Turnierhundesport” (a combination of disciplines like canicross, obedience, hurdling, slalom, obstacle run, …). We also like to take part in various dog events like a dog race, tunnel race, or whatever we find that sounds like fun. Nelly has a strong independent mind with her own ideas what to do, which she often suggests to us. But she also has plenty of “will to please“ and is very positive, which makes her easy to train when you have a consequent mind and give firm instructions to guide her. She likes to give her best and is very easy to motivate. She already enjoys a positive word or any kind of food. But the best reward is when she gets to play a bit with a ball or a squeaky toy. Nelly also likes to carry things around and is happy to help us send small items to each other. When outdoors, she can be off-leash most of the time as she keeps a good distance to us and doesn’t run off. Every now and then, people tell us that Nelly very quickly transitions from 0 to 100% energy and back. She lies under the table in the office (Nora brings her to her work place 2-3 times per week, where she stays under her table or in her box in the open space office) and sleeps. Just to play outside with her colleges mere minutes later, during our lunch break. Nelly is also very calm when inside, our neighbors sometimes ask us if we still have a dog. Nelly really loves food, but doesn’t steal from the table or in the kitchen. Instead, she will stare at you to remind you that she really would like to taste something, or she will bring you something valuable, like a lost sock or a dropped piece of cardboard to trade 😉 She gets along well with other dogs, both male and female of all sizes and also likes to play, even though we sometimes are more fun. Only very persistent male dogs are not very popular. She is also very curious and likes to put her nose in anything that looks interesting. Nelly’s parents Lotte and Jin are both very successful in herding and even several of her siblings herd regularly.