CANT PassAgility WORKIN’ MIND Onida

  • Day of birth: 12.08.2018
  • Size: 46 cm
  • Weight: 14.5 k
  • Color: red bi (with very little white)
  • Eyes: amber
  • Tail: long
  • HD: A
  • ED: 0
  • Eye examination: no abnormality detected as puppy
  • HC (HSF4): clear by parentage (normal/normal)
  • CEA (NHEJ1): clear by parentage (normal/normal)
  • CMR1: carrier, not affected (normal/mutated, inofficial examination)
  • DM (SOD1): clear by parentage (normal/normal)
  • MDR1: free (normal/normal, inofficial examination)
  • PRA-PRCD: clear by parentage (normal/normal)

Nida is an alert, playful and very cozy dog. After completing the puppy training, we started doing some puppy adapted agility practice, where Nida is very motivated. She is at least as fast as her mother and has already started to independently take the tunnels on command. We are also sometimes joining a class of “youngster obedience”. Nida is easy to reward with both toys and treats and she is very concentrated considering her young age.

Nelly is very cozy with her favorite spot just next to us on the couch. However, Nida has her favorite spot ON TOP of us on the couch. 🙂 We have heard that her siblings are also cozy, and it is not that unexpected as Charlie loves to cuddle up as well.

Nida has recently met her first sheep. In the beginning she was not really sure what they were good for and what she should do, although interested. But by the end of the day she already started to move them towards the shepherd. Our instructor was very happy with her, especially considering her age. We are very eager to see how she will develop.