I have been asked a couple of times why our puppies have no names yet, or when they will get their names. Today, I will write a short post about this:

In many countries (e.g. Germany and Austria), the puppies are named after the litter, so all the puppies of the first litter of a breeder start with A, the second with B, … In France, this is different and all puppies of the same year, regardless of the race or the breeder, start with the same letter. In 2017 this was “N” and this year it is “O”.

In Sweden, most breeders decide a theme for each litter and name their puppies after this theme. Nelly’s litter were for example all called after different sorts of tea. We liked this idea and therefore we searched after a theme with many (well sounding and beautiful) names that start with “O”. They also should be in English. After several reflections, we came to the conclusion that native American names would fit very well for our litter, as also Nelly’s father Jin has a native American name.

As native American names have meanings and we want the meaning to fit to the character of the puppy, they will only get their name when we can see the character of the puppies. 🙂

The puppies are still growing fast; the biggest is already above 1.5 kg even if they are only breast-fed from Nelly! The puppies have additionally to their whelping box also a small area with a nonslip floor and a “toilet area”. I cannot believe it, but they are already understanding the concept of being housebroken. But their mother also only needed a few days to be housebroken! Also the tiny and sharp milk teeth are starting to appear. Here are some videos were they are playing!