Now it is already some time ago that we came home from our Easter vacation, but the weather the last two weeks was so fantastic that we rather spent it outside. We were in Sweden to visit family and friends and also met Frida and Tinja (Nelly’s half sister). We had a great time, even though the weather felt more like winter than spring. We went for some walks in the forest and Nelly enjoyed to meet and play with Tinja. You could clearly see the kinship in the way they moved and behaved. I hope we will be able to meet again, and even see some other relatives to Nelly (again).

We also visited the horses I used to ride when I lived in Sweden and Ardis (the icelandic horse), Nelly and I went for a fantastic ride.
As we stayed at Nils’ parents house, Nelly had a lot of company with other dogs, the Salukis Ambrah, Manya and once also Ezzie visited. Here you can see Nelly and Manya, a 13 month old Saluki.
When we came back, spring had really arrived here. Even though Nelly loved to run and play in the snow, it was also great to roll around in the grass and play hide-and-seek in the forest 🙂