In the last weeks, we have participated in two station circuits. I could not really find a good word for this activity, but maybe “station circuit” fits. This activity is an organized walk with 8-10 stations at which you do some exercises or solves problems together with your dog. You can do it alone with your dog, but it is much more fun together with friends or family.

The exercises can be very different and the different senses of your dog are needed to solve them. We, for example, had to find some sausages in boxes in straw; transport an egg on a spoon with your dog on a leash while going through a slalom that was bristled with treats; the dog should lie on a towel while you threw a ball over the dog; jump into boxes that were filled with different kind of materials; walking over an aluminium emergency foil; lying on the side and being covered with a blanket; retrieving something from one tray to another; … Unfortunately, we had so much fun that we forgot to take pictures.

I can really recommend to participate in a station circuit and I think that especially intelligent dogs like Aussies have a lot of fun with them. They just love to explore new stuff. In Switzerland station circuits are very popular and called “Military”, you can find them

. Sometimes you can register beforehand, but you never need a license, an entrance exam or similar to be able to take part. Anybody can participate and the main thing is that everybody has fun. In Germany they are also organized by dog clubs or animal shelters. Unfortunately, I do not know if there is something similar in other countries and if there exist any homepages where you can find upcoming events. If you know about a station circuit, you are welcome to send me an e-mail, then I can post it on my homepage so that more people know about it and more dogs can participate.