The puppies will be raised inside, in our kitchen and the living room. This way, they will directly get used to everyday noises like a coffee blender, vacuum cleaner, music, etc. As we have a little son, the puppies will be used to a child from the beginning ;) We will also be able to keep a close eye on the puppies to spot any problems early on. Later we will make excursions first onto our terrass and later into the garden and our village to prepare the puppies with a wide variety of experiences. The puppies will get to know our ducks, the neighbors’ chicken, horses, cats, cars etc from the village. They will be also socialized to different people at an appropriate age as we from time to time get visits from family, friends and colleagues, also with children. They will be in a car on their way to the vet to receive their basic shots, their chip and a general check-up including eye examination. We will deworm them several times before they leave to their new owners. We will also start to house-train them so it will be easier for them to learn to stay clean indoors.

We feed our dogs raw food (BARF) and both we and the puppies would be happy if they could at least partially be fed meat or raw food also later on. It is not as complicated as it might seem and we would be very happy to help you set up a food plan and find a supplier.
Each owner will receive the puppy together with the following
(from 8 weeks of age):

  • FCI-papers (“LOF”, Registration/export pedigree etc.)
  • ASCA registration
  • EU passport, I-CAD registration, health certificate of the vet
  • Individual information about their puppy and the growth curve of the first 8 weeks
  • Food for the first days (raw and dry food)
  • A towel that smells like mum and the siblings
  • Toy

In order to help the puppies and their new owners to get as much joy as possible with each other, we would like to keep in personal contact even as the dogs are getting older. This is also important for us to be able to evaluate and plan for future breeding. We would therefore also like to be consulted before the dog would be sold or given away and will of course, if needed, do our best to help find a new home for the dog.
As we want to assess the mating, we would like for all buyers to perform some examinations of their dogs (x-ray of hips, elbows and eye examinations) and to do a mental test (depending on your home country which test is suitable). You will receive partial refunds of the examination costs from us when sharing the results and this information is also useful for you in taking care of your dog. If you do any other examinations or competitions, it would be great if you can share them with us as well.
Our puppies are raised after the best conscience and the newest (also scientific) knowledge that is known to us. They are socialized and trained (for example housetraining) as good as possible to have a wonderful start into their lives.

It is very important to us that you, according to his age, exercise, nurture and nourish your puppy in the best possible way until his last breath.

If you have any questions or problems, you can of course

us anytime.