Last Sunday, a competition in Turnierhundesport took place at the dog club of Weil am Rhein.

We participated in a “shorty” and a “Hindernislauf”, even though I had a cold. The “shorty” is done in a team, that has to run over obstacles, placed in two lanes next to each other. The first participant runs his part (the dog takes the obstacles and the human runs next to him), an assistant whistles and then the other participant can start. We participated in team with a girl from our club together with her labrador and made 4th place.

We gave everything in the “Hindernislauf” and managed two runs without mistakes. This was enough to reach first place and Nelly is now regional champion of the “Hindernislauf” 2017! 🙂

As you can see on the pictures, Nelly is slightly faster than me 😛