The puppies are already one week old!!!

They are growing a lot and most of them have doubled their weight (the other ones are very close). According to literature, most puppies have doubled their weight after 9-10 days. It is most probably due to Nelly’s wonderful care and her good milk that they have reached this goal already now. In the video, you can see how tasty the milk is.

It is very obvious how much they have grown when you look at them in the bathtub 🙂

This week, Nelly ate rabbitcarcasse, venison, rumen of sheep, intestines of cow, salmon, quark, vegetables from our garden and a little bit of dry food. According to a Swedish study, a balanced and versatile diet of the nursing mother with a natural bacterial flora leads to stimulation of the immune system of the puppies and therefore the abundance of allergies are reduced.

As also the nails of the puppies were growing, the puppies were scratching themselves and Nelly so we cut and filed the nails. This was a quite delicate job, but we could already clearly see some difference in the character between the puppies 🙂

I have also worked on the homepage, wrote a text about Aussies and added some information on the puppy page.