few weeks ago, Nelly and I participated in an agility seminar. It was held by Grégory Bielle-Bidalot who has participated in the world cup several times. Last year, he was one of the coaches for the French national team.

Grégory built a jumping parcour that we trained in sections. He gave each participant very individuel tips that lead to improvements already after a few repetitions. Nelly and I had to run some sections with slalom that I never would have thought we could manage. We learned a lot and next time he does a seminar in the area, we would very much like to participate again.


We also started in an agility competition in Germany before Christmas: The Santa Claus Cup in Köndringen held by the HSZ Emmendingen.
s Nelly is “large” in Germany, she had to jump 60 cm. The
1 run was good, despite two bars falling down and somehow she also managed to get out of the slalom before it was finished. I guess I was already thinking about the next obstacle…

We came at place 15 out of 24 starters. Here is the video:

Nelly was quite creative in the jumping and unfortunately she passed by an obsticle near the end. But it was actually her first competition run with 60 cm jumps where all bars stayed at that height!