Unfortunately, we have problems with our internet connection and since the beginning of May no functional internet at home. Additionally, I have been a lot on the road the last weeks.

But now it is time to update the homepage and to let you know what has happened during the last few weeks.

Nelly has injured herself during training at the end of April. She broke her claw and had to walk with a bandage and a shoe for two weeks. Just as the claw was healed, she stepped on glass with the other front paw and had to wear the shoe on the other paw.

Shortly after, we had a team agility competition in Dole, France. The cut in the paw was getting better, but was not completely healed. Therefore, I taped her paw to protect the wound and let it heal better. Nelly was not at all bothered by the tape, and the injury still looked fine afterwards.

Unfortunately, our team was not very lucky and we did not earn a lot of points. But I’m still very happy with our runs. The parcours were, especially for us, not very easy.

This is the agility run.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyCGvMcnsWg[/embedyt]

And the jumping.