Tuesday, we have been at the vet and the puppies were examined, vaccinated, chipped and received an EU-passport and a health certificate. Both at the vet and on the ride to the clinic (alltogether about 1:15), the puppies were very calm and relaxed. I have not heard one sound form them during the whole trip! They were very curious and cheerful at the vet. Everything was great and the puppies are as fit as a fiddle. They tolerated the vaccination, as well as the ealier dewormings, without any side effects.

The puppies are already over 7 weeks old now and you can really see the character and the personality of them. Therefore, they received their names now.

Puppy 1 (red bi female) is called 
.  This means “the one, that is searched for, the one longing for”.
Puppy 2 (black bi male) is called Ohiyesa. This means “winner”.
Puppy 3 (black tri male) is called Ohiteka. This means “brave, courageous”.
Puppy 4 (black bi male) is called Ogima. This means “chief”.
Puppy 5 (red tri female) is called Orenda. This means “magic power”.
Puppy 6 (black tri male) is called Odakota. This means “friendship”.

Last week, we did a small excursion into the forest. Unfortunately, the pictures are not very sharp as the puppies were so excited and scooted around 🙂