week, we sadly had to let our Anna go to sleep. We were at my parents’ place due to a family gathering a couple of weeks ago and then she was very happy to meet everyone. She even ran a little bit together with Nelly during a walk 🙂

However, during the last couple of months she had waves of dizziness every now and then and was not feeling very well when they happened. Until now, the dizziness attacks were rare and during the long time in between, she was fine. Since the family gathering though, the interval between them got shorter and shorter. Additionally, she had heavy diarrhea. As she could not enjoy her life anymore, she was allowed to peacefully go to sleep at the impressive age of 15 years and 7 months.

Anna was originally a stray dog in the US and ran up to me as a puppy. After persuading my parents, she was allowed to come with me back to Germany. During her long life, she has experienced a lot of things, was allowed to follow us on numerous hikes, biking tours, sightseeings, vacations, …. and she has also introduced me to the world of dog sports. She was an extremely social dog, who got along with everything and everybody. Even people that were afraid of dogs could pet Anna after some time.

We miss you very much!