If you have carefully read the first page, you have probably seen that we moved. After living nearly five year in beautiful Alsace, we moved shortly before the Corona crisis to the north of France. Again, we are living in a small village, very close to a small forest and directly by a small river.

I actually wanted to write this blog post already during the last weekend. But on Saturday morning, we found a hole in the pen of the birds and outside of it tracks of a fox. We have searched for the ducks for several hours along the river together with our very helpful neighbors, as there was a fair chance that they jumped into the river and swam away. But they haven’t returned yet.
One of the ducks was broody and luckily we were able to move some eggs into an incubator. However we wanted that the ducklings would grow up with a real mother.

At least the ducks had some very good last weeks of their life, as you can see on the videos that I uploaded here. They were super happy to be able to swim in a pond. 🙂