At the end of May and beginning of June we went to Austria and Vienna to meet Bettina, Charlie, and Five again. Five has grown up to a very nice boy and already shows a lot of potential during duck and sheep herding. As soon as we arrived and came into Bettina’s garden, Five and Nida started playing.

While we were in Austria, Nelly and I also participated at our first ASCA trial, starting in Rally obedience and agility. Nelly was doing rally obedience already back in Sweden and even won two titles with only 13 months! After that however I had to concentrate on writing my PhD thesis and then we moved far south as I had found a job in Switzerland.

Hence, after 5 years and a little bit of last minute repetition we made our rally obedience come back at these trials. The judges Heidi Iverson and Günter Geisel prepared some great courses and even if the weather was not very pleasant (it was pouring rain the whole first day), we had a lot of fun. Nelly was just amazing and had 3 times 200 points (out of 200) and once 197 (This time Nelly really wanted to say hello to Heidi just as we started…) which overall resulted in a RNX title and one QX for the RAX title. You can find the explanation of the titles here.

For the second half of the trials of course  we also enrolled for some agility runs. Susan Graham designed several really great but partly very challenging courses. But they always had very good lines for the dog to run, which I really appreciate! On the first day, Nelly managed 6 out of 6 runs without mistakes and achieved her JS-N, GS-N and RS-N titles. Boosted by these great results I felt very motivated and we registered for 6 additional runs on Saturday and 4 more on Sunday. The weather on the weekend turned out to be really hot and humid, so both Nelly and I started to feel tired after all the hard work in the the 3 previous days of trials. Therefore I don’t feel I can complain that Nelly knocked down some bars and in one of the Gambler runs I ran over the line and got us disqualified in an otherwise really nice run. Unfortunately we managed to distribute those mistakes over many different starts but on the Saturday we still could collect 2.5 Qs and on Sunday 1 more Q. Hence, Nelly even achieved the GS-O title.

I’m so proud of my little black girl, she was just amazing.
Everybody at the trial was very helpful and the atmosphere was super friendly so we had a really wonderful time and look forward to meet everyone again at the next trial.