blog entry has been due for quite a while now but we have spent lots of time with the puppies and have simply not been able to also keep the homepage fully up to date.

The puppies are going into the garden several times a day. They are also being taken on small excursions (5-15 min) onto the sidewalks of the village main street to meet adults, kids, cars, bikes, MCs, trucks, tractors, buses, and much more since they are 7 weeks old. We are spending time outdoors in both daylight and darkness, and of course also with harness and leash. Sometimes we even pack all of them in the car to have some walks in unfamiliar places. The puppies are very curious, check out everything and are happily trotting along on the walks. They have also been meeting our chickens ever since they started spending time in the garden. They have made two visits to a stable and met some horses and the kindest imaginable German shepherd girl. Even though the horses were of gigantic proportions to a small dog, they kept their cool pretty well.

The puppies have also joined for some bike trips, where they learned to sit in a bike wagon during the travel.

In order to meet and socialize with other kind dogs, the puppies got to accompany Nelly to her dog sport practice and are also participating in a „puppy school“. Last weekend was time for a short tram ride including some training of sit and down commands on the platform with a tram moving about. They found it not too difficult! =)
We also made a visit to the airport to see some visitors off, where the puppies of course joined. All people there were unfortunately very busy and nobody had time to say hi to the puppies even though the puppies really wanted.

We are listening on youtube firework videos every few days to get used to also this kind of noise and it seems in this video that they find it’s nothing to be afraid of.

Last week was time for the booster vaccination as well as the rabies shot. We are very happy that all puppies have been reserved and will grow up in wonderful families with dog experience.