We have organized a weekend reunion for our puppies of the litter from August 2018. Dante, Linus, Nida, and Wyatt visited together¬† with their owners and “siblings”.

On Saturday, we met at the dog club for some obedience, agility and frisbee with the dogs. We were really astonished what they already have learnt!
On Sunday, we met at our place to herd the ducks a little bit. Although none of the dogs had been herding ducks before (Dante and Wyatt have once met sheep), it was clearly visible that they were very interested in the ducks and had some great herding instincts.

Afterwards, we went to Ferrette into a very nice forest and did a small military (walk with some fun exercises in between). The dogs of this litter are really intelligent and teachable. They learn super fast, love to work with the handler and can concentrate very well onto their exercise. One or the other found it a little bit difficult to be together with so many other dogs, but after they all got to know each other, they got along very well and had a great time. At the end we could even give a little show as the last exercises of the military were next to a playground.
We were really lucky with the weather so that we could picnic with French cheese and baguette outdoors in the forest.

It was really great to meet the puppies as young adults and to see how they had developed physically and mentally. We are really looking foward to the next reunion!