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Litter theme

is quite common in several countries that the puppies of a breeder are in alphabetical order. The names of the puppies of the first litter start with an A, second litter with B, third with C, …

There is another system in France. Here, all puppies of one year start with the same letter. For 2022, this is “T”.

We personally like it as well if the names of one litter have a theme. And as Australian Shepherds are an American breed, a connection to the US is also nice. Therefore, we decided the following theme for the upcoming litter:

american rivers that start with T.

Here you can find a list with potential names and anyone on our reservation list can start to think about possible names 😉


  1. Nora

    Danke 🙂
    Man kann fast zusehen, wie der Bauch wächst 😛 So langsam werden wir öfter und kürzere Spaziergänge machen.
    Bis bald

  2. Marianne und Mathilda

    Eine tolle Idee mit vielen schönen Namen. Uns gefällt:
    – tallulah
    – trout
    – twisp
    – truckee
    – tsirku
    – tacoosh
    – taylor
    – thief
    – tule
    Viel Freude euch beim Aussuchen 😊 und eine wunderbare letzte Woche voller Vorfreude!

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