Since a few months, I am a member of a French dogsports club. The class division according to the size of the dogs is slightly different than in the international agility rules. Dogs between 43 and 47 cm can either compete in class B (medium) or in class C (large). As Nelly with her 46 cm relatively often knocks down some bars, I registered her for class B for the French licence.

In France, you need to pass an exam involving exercises to evaluate the social behavior and obedience of the dog . You also need to pass an agility exam (PASS agility) to show that the dog knows how to take all obstacles. The administration of the agility section in France was very kind and approved my German exam (Begleithundeprüfung) and also my participation at German agility competitions as PASS agility.

Thus we turned out very lucky, as we were still on the waiting list until Saturday, and could participate at a competition in Saverne. In general, French competitions have three runs. We started in agility 1 and the agility standard and jumping standard classes are combined level 1 and 2. The agility 1 run is easiest and have least participants. This time there were only 4 other starters but unfortunately we were disqualified. However we did really really well in the other two runs and won both! We were the fastest with 5.47 m/s in the jumping class, which altogether had 18 participants. In the standard run though, there was one other dog that was faster, but he also had 10 points penalty.

As Saverne is quite far away and I only  was allowed to participate in the last minute, I had nobody there to film us. Therefore, unfortunately, there is no video to upload. Instead I have uploaded a couple of pictures from a few weeks ago when we spent some vacation in the beautiful south of France. 🙂